Monday, November 19, 2018


Yeah, I'm Fine, Thanks

Oh, don’t worry about me, honey--
I can pour fine bourbon out my fingers
if I concentrate and push,
spill inky sapphires onto my notebook,
send time and space both flying
with each pen stroke

therapy, and drugs, and emotional support
are for the wealthy;
I have a pen
and my own soul

trust me, I don’t need you

I’m here if you need anything,
you said.

I guess you were worried I’d be torn up
after you ripped me to shreds.

But I have something, and it ain’t even a secret.
I have the power to defy pain.
I have DNA that survived a genocide.
I have cells that outlasted an abuser.
I have a body that still cums even after being raped.
I have hips that hold to fat even after starving.
I have a heart that loves, and

I have a pen

- Samantha Clarke

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