Wednesday, January 23, 2019


King of the Lie

If you could find happiness,
oblivion could be cancelled.
You would not have to act tough
or annihilate any enemy.

If you could find peace and love,
you would not have torture us
with your lies and pettiness.
You would be scot free of any
state functions and just play golf
and still get paid. If you could do
away with your jealousy and hate,
you would not have to hear
the voice of dissent in your ear.
If you only had common sense
or just took a breath, you might not
have to resort to lying all the time.

Someone forgot to instill decency
to your character. Someone must
have neglected to teach you humility.
Someone feel asleep at the wheel.
Who knows why you turned out
so fowl? You cannot change your
ways. You are the king of the lie.

--Luis Cuauhtémoc Berriozábal

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