Saturday, January 26, 2019


Remedial Love-In
(Donnie Trump’s Southern Rock Tour 2015-2016)

Many gathered
at arenas, town halls,
Civil War battlefields.
To see the fat man with
the cheap Billy Idol haircut

They carried the Southern
Stars and Bars flags as
victorious pennants…
Waving, as the fat man
told them more lies about
how those snowflakes
wanted to take their guns away…

Dixie was playing
on the loud speaker as
they placed their idol in
a hall of fame alongside
Bull Connor and George Wallace.

Ronnie Van Zant was blushing in his grave…

He continued to rant…raising his
chubby fist and preaching about a 1950’s
America…white, Christian…We’ll
put up with those colored people but
they ain’t living in our neighborhoods…
They ain’t going to our schools…
And if they get out of line…a sawed
off shotgun always will do the trick.

The Dirty South turned out for the fat man.
Many smiling, showing failed dental work.
Pick-up trucks with gun racks in the back

Rising and cheering, crying and threatening the press.
The south will rise again!
The south will rise again!
Many screamed.
From Texas, Alabama, Georgia
and Mississippi…holding up
signs with many words misspelled.

They closed the Muscle Shoals studio
a few years ago.  It was replaced
with Make America Great posters,
the fat man’s picture on buttons,
coins and memorabilia bricks…
“Mexico is going to pay for that wall…”
And please, do not mention
that guy who was in the white house
before…” He was a darkie you know,
his wife…well, she’s really a man and he
was the reason for 9-11…”

He thanks them all for coming, leaving
with the crowd in a frenzy…Shouting “Lock her up”
“Lock her up.”

The fat man smiled as he left the stage, His staff
whispering  about the propaganda he was to
spew at the next stop…

Funny, they never got around
to playing Free Bird on the stereo.

Maybe they will wait until the
tour hits Jacksonville.

--Dan Provost

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