Wednesday, January 9, 2019


the nine-minute lie

such a mendacious nitwit
you make the oval office blush
from all your bullshit

is it concrete or steel tonight, mr. president?
like picking a burger off a fast food menu, huh?

government held hostage…by a clown
networks complicit in lies… by a clown

america 2019
same racist shithole since its founding

anything goes for a buck
even the republic

swallow those ratings
swallow your soul

america only gives the benefit of the doubt
to ivory snow

even if its cast in orange

merchant of misinformation
turning your villains to victims

what a sham

the only “humanitarian crisis” is you
the only “national emergency” is you

scion of criminal immigrants
scion of a slum lord father

king of the corrupt GOP

the art of the deal is in the rip-off
we’ve been getting ripped-off for 720 days

if the choice is between right and wrong
why are we always on the losing end
here in the land of the free?

see your dumb glare and it makes me shutter
hear your dumb words and it makes me want to scream

but i hear your nine-minute lie and it feels like home

cartoon tyrant
baby-dicked despot

wish we could pay mexico to export you

animated autocrat
authoritarian prick

wish we could lock you up for good
and throw away the key

but, i'm sure, instead
that your goddamned poll numbers will go up.

--John Grochalski


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