Saturday, April 11, 2020


Saving Capitalism, One Grandparent at a Time

“It kills me sometimes, how people die.”
Marcus Zusak, The Book Thief

Deaths from COVID-19
Continue to rise in the USA
With no sign in sight of flattening the curve.
But current Texas Lieutenant Governor
Dan Patrick,
Has a solution for thinning the herd.

A Republican Party sycophant,
A rising Priest of Prophecy
In Malignant Orange’s core
Of corrupt con artists,

A former radio talk show host,
Signing Rush Limbaugh in 1989,
Founder of his legislature’s
Tea Party Caucus in Houston
Patrick exalts in his ingenuity and brilliance.

During a conversation
With Fox News Tucker Carlson.
He suggested many grandparents in America
Would be willing to risk their health
In order to see a resurgence in the economy
Amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Patrick asserted lots of grandparents
Would be willing to die
To make America great again
For their children and grandchildren.

Like Coyote the Trickster,
Patrick has struck a Faustian bargain
With the devil
Based on profit, wealth, and consumption.

So sure profits will zoom again,
So sure Stocks will boom again
So sure assets will consolidate again,
He abandons his moral, ethical, and spiritual values,
And exchanges everybody’s sick and dying grandparents
For the capitalistic greater good.

--Victor Henry

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