Wednesday, April 8, 2020


another clever species

I dreamed the ocean
came for me, maybe not
for me, maybe it just came
another sentry, policing
this planet, scrubbing virus
the blight of humanity

I think I was in new england
not that place matters
once it's gone, I was watching
waves, a wall of water came
unexpectedly, towered over
swallowed, sucked under
all it could. cars and people
slam together screaming

dread, foam, panic

I stare at a wall of water
think about lew welch
the red monk, his visions
I think I'm about to lose
everything, I've already
lost everything, I never had
anything anyway, there is
never anything but loss

I stood there, non-combatant
in the flow of enemy fire
no future in high ground
waiting my turn at never
but the ocean didn't want me

I stood with the destruction
this is all we have
to look forward to
our petty imaginations
can't see beyond
waiting to die, the hubris
of another clever species

--Jason Baldinger

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