Saturday, April 25, 2020


The Con is On

-Actors are con men and con men are actors.
Edward Burns

The Tiny Hands Tinted Tyrant
Vows to reopen the US economy
In the coming weeks
Even as deaths from COVID-19 rise
To boost his reelection chances in November.
“We cannot let the cure be worse
Than the problem itself,” he tweeted.
Only a few MSM Ken and Barbies
Ask, Where is he getting his information from?
He gaslights his base into believing
His intuition is more reliable than scientific facts,
Even though 16 million Americans
Are out of work, with numbers
Speculated to be 30 million in the coming weeks,
Worse than during the 1929 Great Depression
When 25% of the workforce was out of work.
The authoritarian-in-chief’s press briefings,
Staged political rallies,
Filled with self-adulation and slurred words,
As if he’s on drugs,
Feed his ignorant base,
A base devoid of critical thinking skills,
And lacking empathy,
Cheer and hold up signs
Like Latinos for Trump, and African Americans for Trump.
In the background I hear
Neoliberal centrist corporatist Wall Street Democrats
Singing Doo-wop, like that old Ink Spots song
“If I Didn’t Care,”
Appealing to the same donors
The Republicans have,
Continuing to vote for everything
The Orange Tinted Maniacal Maniac wants.
Like shades of Obama in 2008,
Bailing out the banks,
In the COVID-19 stimulus bill
Large corporations get 25% of the pie,
500b, individuals 300b.
Let me count the ways,
In a tenor voice
As lyrical as Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s 43rd sonnet,
The ways the American middle class
Is getting fucked once again.

--Victor Henry

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