Thursday, April 9, 2020


wash your hands

the mundane has become
my major activities

time carved out for washing dishes
or sweeping crumbs
and dust from off the floor

treated like i’d just run a marathon

wiping down old wine stains
while in other areas here i make them new

major accomplishments

soaping the handle on the front door
sterilizing light switches and cabinet knobs

not beginning to get drunk
until at least three o’clock

i’m staying in
and staying six feet apart from all of you

but social distancing has always been my trip

that is to say…i’m doing what i can

i don’t know if it’s enough
to come through to the other side

or what it’ll all even look like then

we’re locked up and down
and millions of us are getting sick or going broke

while the president leans smug on tv
fighting with his own inflated ego

casting game show bets

on who’s allowed to live
and who’s allowed to die

more worried about the stock market
then your bones and blood and flesh

because the rabid dog of capitalism
is still out there, my friends

salivating and spewing its virus
while it’s currently tied up in chains
to a budding spring tree

waiting just waiting to strike

landlords and corporations

turning all of those mom and pop greasy spoons
into taco bells and mickey d’s

your taverns into TGIFs
with a capital one bank on every block

a slice of dominos or pizza hut

target wishes and wal-mart dreams

you say you want a revolution
but most likely you’ll have a coke and a smile

you’ll shut the fuck up
and let capitalism have its way

so stay in and stay safe everyone

zoom me and i’ll zoom you
send you my top ten lists for everything

but first


make sure
to wash your hands.

--John Grochalski


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