Thursday, December 3, 2020


 What They Did

was elect a Dump
a D period apostrophe ump
counting dollars and nonsense
McPounds and Pence
wipe reason from the counter
order disorder with
a side of squalor
and scatter sense

What they did was
undo the fabric
of e pluribus unum
attempt to divide us
to undo civil discourse
with undue faux news
make America grave again
especially in Puerto Rico
and the homes of dreamers
in the minds of our allies
and the realm of morality

What they did was kill Hilarity
while trying to make America
gray white and male again
get us talking about Them again
without Van Morrison

What they did was chirp
G L O R I A to America
while forgetting that
Mexico is part of America
forgetting “One nation
under God” means united nation
not only nation or number one nation
because if an omnipresent God did exist
he or she would have to be
big enough to cover every nation

What they did was keep
churches tax exempt
though their Bible plainly states
that the church is not a building
or organization but the people
and yet they still tax the people
but not always corporations
though they claim corporations
are people too

What they did was spit
in the name of God
on the words of their Jesus
who they conveniently forgot
was a man of color, a man
of Middle Eastern descent
and when they heard his words
“Love your neighbor as yourself”
they spit on them too

When they heard his words
“Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s
and to God what is God’s”
they spit on them too
and took everything
for themselves

When they heard his words
“Let the children come to me
for theirs is the Kingdom of God”
they spit on them too
and detained the children
and deported the children
and sometimes even lost the children
while insisting that “Jesus saves”

What they did was hear the words
of the man they claimed to follow
and find them hollow
exclaiming “Hell no
we want a white Jesus
made in our image
one that is not a socialist”
and thereby caged
their thorn torn Christ as well


We may need to save Jesus
from the Dumpster too.

--John Burroughs

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