Tuesday, December 15, 2020



Today is the day a sense of normalcy
rises from the collapsing lair of the
grifter in chief, from the seditious 126,
from the 17 blind mice, from party in
his pants Ruddy, from attacks on the
middle class, working class, poor. Of
the soon to be ½ million killed by a
virus Pennywise told everyone would
go away, was nothing, don’t wear a
mask, come see me, I am It.

Today is the day that begins our
democracy once again and with that
we must question why an American
President killed his own people, took
away health care, dismantled the federal
government, attacked the courts and the
very foundation of a free people.

And when the truth is revealed and his
supporters feign shock, deny the truth
the answer will be the same as it was
in November 2016…. polezny durak!

--g.e. Reutter

g emil reutter can be found at: https://gereutter.wordpress.com/about/

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