Thursday, December 24, 2020


A very Melania Christmas

Melania Trump 2017 Xmas Haiku

in a dress as white
as her dead tree branches she’s
clawing, ominous shadows up the walls

Melania Trump 2018 Xmas Haiku*

I’m working my ass
Off on this Christmas stuff, who
Gives a fuck about Christmas stuff

Melania Trump 2020 Christmas Decoration’s Haiku

This year packed with urns
Fifty to be exact
A sea of funeral arrangements

The Nightmare Before
Christmas Queen is right back
Not giving a fuck about Christmas

I Don’t Really Care, Do You? - A Melania Trump Xmas Summary

That’s on full display
Here in the dead branches
The blood-red trees, and the funeral urns

--John Stickney

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