Tuesday, August 12, 2014

poem of the day 08.12.14


when the politician
can no longer lie with a straight face

when the media
no longer searches for the truth

when genocide gets sandwiched in between
comic strips and cartoon ads

when the citizenry disregards its compassion
for another caffeine and bandwidth fix

when the food is poisoned
and the water is rank

when the roads are potholed
and the bridges creak and sway

when we give ground more than stand it
when the wars rage on and on without end

when another millionaire
finances our future into rubble

and another celebrity takes a picture
of her gilded tits and ass

when epidemic becomes the norm
and god replaces the human heart and mind for good

when there is no hope in science
when philosophy has reached its apex
and benevolence becomes the crime

when new persecutions
stand around the edges of our borders

when hate is glorified
with patriotism and commercial dollars

when corporate sports become our only refuge

when loves becomes
just another four-letter-word
and art and literature have failed for good

when tree bark peels from the dying trees
and the shit-stained concrete lies bountiful
with the bodies of dead baby birds

when rabid dogs howl into the soda can ash

and the comedian can no longer
find anything left to laugh about

when the sun burns out due to boredom and sloth

perhaps then my friends
perhaps then.


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