Wednesday, August 20, 2014

poem of the day 08.20.14

simply beautiful

on the radio
another million dollar
reality television whore
is talking about her latest project

she says you need to take about thirty selfies
to get the right one

they say that next year she’ll make another
eighty-five million off of her latest app
and her self-help book looks to be a big seller 

the guy driving this car says to me
this is going to be a glorious day
tons of sun and no humidity

he waits on me to give my two cents
but i’m half-hungover, tired,
and i don’t like where he’s taking me

so i say, yeah, it’s the sort of day some people might like

it’s a day for everyone, he says
it’s simply beautiful!

i look out the window
just in time to catch a man in a three-piece suit
step in a pile of dog shit

he stops and throws his hands up
to ask the gods, why me?

as the million dollar
reality television whore
chuckles about her wealth into the radio static

billions of ancient photons
at her beck and call

this morning’s flaming yellow dwarf
and all of  sleepy-headed america

bowing for her too.                                           

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