Thursday, August 28, 2014

poem of the day 08.28.14

skinny jogger bitch

skinny jogger bitch
is in the lobby of the apartment building

she’s checking herself out
in the long mirror outside my door

when i open it
sweaty and in ripped shorts
holding a week’s worth of garbage and bottles
she turns her nose up at me

i don’t smile at skinny jogger bitch
we don’t like each other

but when we meet in the hallway like this
sometimes i’ll linger just to creep her out

i’ll scratch my ass or my balls
check out my own reflection in the mirror

pretend i forgot my keys or something
so that i end up taking the same elevator
as skinny jogger bitch

and even though i don’t like the smell
of her rose-scented sweat
her silken hair, her white teeth, or even her politics
it’s worth it just for her to have to smell
the stench of my cat shit if for only a few minutes

when we’re in the elevator together
it’s like two heated nations sharing a coke

we’d rather strangle each other
nuke the whole building
than ride three or four floors together

skinny jogger bitch
holds her nose and rolls her eyes
pats down her fancy running gear
as if i’ve infested them by my very presence

she turns up the shitty music
on her apple machine
and mouths the words

she’s embarrassed by the sounds
her own asshole makes
and never finds month old cheese on her kitchen floor

when she gets a pimple on her face
she takes a week off from work

skinny jogger bitch probably doesn’t even have a job
that kind of stress is for the asshole in apartment 1R

christ, she probably fucks like a snail if at all

when skinny jogger bitch
gets off of the elevator
i like to wave and tell her, until next time

she never says anything back to me
just glares until the door shuts and the elevator descends

taking a troll like me
back to the basement

where all of this building’s trash belongs.


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