Thursday, August 14, 2014

poem of the day 08.14.14


they are waiting in lines
in neighborhoods at all hours of the day
the caffeine fixed
the juiced
these junkies
sucking up the oxygen and the bandwidth
rabid philistines foaming at the mouth
with a sixty-four ounce cup of iced java
running into each other
knocking old men off of curbs
internet zombies with infested blood
i can’t crack open a beer in broad daylight
and stroll around minding my own business
but these hopped-up, wide-eyed tit suckers
can get behind the wheel of a car at all hours?
where are the cops when you really need them?
probably in line at starbucks
these addicts
these slaves to the grind
see them flipping out at red lights
cursing at the top of their lungs
in between tapping out diatribes on their phones
gps guided doing sixty in a thirty-five
flying from one costumed dealer to the next
for the next coffee fix
before this great american buzz runs out
forty plus hours a week at the job
kids with extra-curriculars
rents and mortgages galore
drowning in free amazon shipping
and a dvr on full-tilt
bowing before the faces of ugly men and women
cheap suits and stultifying offices omnipotent
serving the servants the fifty-two inch television nightmare\
and then back in line
sucking it down
sucking it down
wondering why in the hell
none of us can get a good night’s sleep.


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