Tuesday, March 3, 2015

poem of the day 03.03.15

written on paper

i assure you this poem was
written on paper

but how can you be so sure?

most likely we don’t know each other
or if we do you know
i’m not the most reliable thing out there

you’re probably reading this poem
on a computer

or at the very least on a phone

but i guarantee you it was
written on paper

at best i made a few changes
when i was typing it into the machine

the line: but how can you be so sure?
was originally just: how can you be so sure?

i added the fourth, fifth and sixth lines just now
and the line breaks i did the next day

but for the most part this poem was
written on paper

i can even describe the notebook i used

it was a tan boardroom series
seven inches by five inches
stamped american made
for all of you patriots out there

i have poem notes and movie times

and even a new york city address for dvorak
written on the cover

there’s a smudge on the second line of the poem

the one that conveniently reads
written on paper

it was made by a thick 1.0 pilot g-2 pen that i’m using

and helped along by the shitty driving
of the B4 bus driver

i don’t write so many poems on paper anymore
almost all of them used to start out that way

these days i read on the way home
listen to neil young
or just zone out and take stock of my life

i’m less the go-getter than i used to be
i think that comes with age

but i’m feeling lonesome this evening
lonesome for something tangible

it might be the american made stamped in me
that’s making me feel this way

but i wanted something solid tonight
something concrete and real

like these words
written on paper

that only took up two pages and half
on this notebook

whose metal spirals are starting to give
from age and a lack of use.


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