Tuesday, March 10, 2015

poem of the day 03.10.15


romeo comes in
with his girlfriend who is seventeen
but looks twenty-five

they kiss discretely behind bookshelves
sometimes they go into the bathroom together
when they think no one is looking

at the tables, she always has him show her his muscles

the girlfriend takes pictures
as romeo sits there with his arms flexed

she snaps away like it’s a photo shoot

when she’s done the girlfriend
kisses the altar that is romeo’s biceps

then she puts her finger to her lips
warm and wet to press into his dimple
before she plays with his long, slick hair

it’s only a matter of time before
they take off behind the stacks again
or rendezvous in the public restroom

romeo likes to look around like he’s got it made

he has a gaggle of sycophants
that he only speaks spanish to

when his seventeen year old girlfriend
walks away with her twenty-five year old body
to get some water or a book

romeo says something and all of his boys howl
they slap five like a pack of lily white boys at a football game

to everyone it looks like romeo has got it made
he’s probably getting more ass than half of brooklyn

or so it would seem

because just yesterday the girlfriend came in
with a different guy

this one was short and stocky
with neck tattoos and a little punk goatee

he didn’t pose for muscles shots
he just put his tongue down girlfriend’s throat
and fondled her ass while she checked out exercise books

he still had his hands on her cheeks when they left

ten minutes after, romeo waltzed in
like he owned the place

he sat in his usual throne and waited on his lady
after forty minutes he got the hint

and our romeo left with his head down
those muscled arms flat and at his sides

to wander alone in the late winter sun
like any other young tragedy in the making.


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