Wednesday, March 25, 2015

poem of the day 03.25.15

tonight’s the night

dead tired and starving
i pick neil young songs
over reading poems on the train home tonight

think of complex math problems
that i don’t want to solve
graphs and synthetic division
that my part-timer showed me

math never validated anything for me
except how stupid i am when it comes to figuring anything out

the man across from me
he must be three hundred pounds

he’s dressed in royal blue from head to toe
he has his hood up and i can hear his music over mine

he’s eating an italian hero
pulling the meat and lettuce from the bread
with his hands and shoveling it all into his mouth

there are a ring of onions around his sneakers
and the train car smells of them

his royal blue sweatpants are streaked with grease

when he’s done he shoves the bread back into a plastic bag
then tosses it on the floor along with his can of sierra mist

burps aloud
before closing his eyes and scratching his balls

i watch him
i think he’s like math to me
another problem that can’t be solved

watch his garbage roll around

i think tonight’s the night
where any grand illusions of mine
could simply end.

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