Monday, March 23, 2015

poem of the day 03.23.15

sexual harassment

trina used to blow all of the janitors
it was well known amongst them
that if you were hard-up
five minutes in a basement men’s room stall with trina
could cure all of your ills
she wasn’t anything to look at
most people aren’t
she didn’t dress the part of the organizational tramp
but trina was willing in a way that others weren’t
she and i used to smoke together
on a big orange bench when we didn’t feel like working
trina talked about her douche bag husband and their bills
as we sucked away breaks sharing my camel lights
from time to time
trina would tell me….you know…if you need a little
i was a clerk
and i think trina thought this meant moving up in the world
because i didn’t wear a uniform
even though the janitors made double what i did
from time to time i’d think about taking her up on her offer
every night i went home alone
i’d been going home alone for almost two years
i wasn’t much to look at either
i didn’t really see the harm in a little men’s room action
but then trina got weird on me
everywhere i went in the building she seemed to be
she found me on lunches and always seemed to be at that orange bench
once she attacked me on the elevator
and tried to bite my neck
when i worked nights it became a given that trina would call
she told me once how good she’d suck my cock
she said if i didn’t believe her, go and ask one of the janitors
i didn’t know what to do
i went and told my boss
who laughed at me when she found out it was trina
my boss had been noted for her blow jobs back in the day
and had a notorious hateful streak for her rivals
she said, what you need to do is write everything down
every word trina says to you
so we can build a sexual harassment case, my boss said
then she laughed again and went to the orange bench
to smoke half a pack of virginia slims
well, i didn’t write down anything and i didn’t say anything else
it seemed pointless and unmanly
i just avoided the orange bench
and started smoking my cigarettes in front of the building
where the homeless guys stood in packs
and bothered the college kids for change
at times they shared my camel lights too
but it got back to trina anyway that i’d squealed
when we passed each other we kept our heads down
except one time she was on her way
to the men’s room with a janitor
when she saw me she whispered something in his ear
and they both laughed
then they dipped into the men’s room like a couple of spies
and i went out to the orange bench
for my first smoke of the afternoon
knowing that i had
at least five minutes of peace.


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