Wednesday, March 11, 2015

poem of the day 03.11.15

band-aid wrappers

mornings of death
caked toothpaste and cat litter back rubs

toilet rings that elucidate decades of deep thought

bath tub stains of misery
with empty shampoo bottles loitering

a thousand soy sauce packages
and rotten tomatoes

antarctic freezers
full of vodka kamikaze ice cubes

broken blinds to keep the world out
a man could do much much worse, i know

dust ball racetracks
yellow paper hoarding and snot rag piƱatas

memories nailed to the wall like crucifixes
and calendars marking off the days

the traces of last month’s meals
make splattered pollock’s on the kitchen floor

coffee grind fortunes
tea bag mountains and beer can havens

cracked floors, drawers that have given up

mounds of clothing strewn from porno daydreams
mingling with loose change and chapstick

an everest of poems unsent and unwanted

broken screens
and cracked window panes
bookshelves of failed genius

thin walls full of fetid breath
and other dull lives

static radio and cigarette smoke
wine bottle chimes

telephone horrors and internet virus ghosts

nights alive like suicide
with bloody feet splintered from decaying wood

and nothing left in the medicine cabinets
but empty boxes

and band-aid wrappers
stuck to the floor.


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