Tuesday, March 1, 2016

poem of the day 03.01.16

saturday upshot ruinous planet sonata

a sewer line bursts
and i get me a saturday free from the job
we’re killing the planet
so it’s sixty degrees out in february too
this weekend brought to us
by failing infrastructure and climate change
but who can complain in this sun?
with everyone breaking out their spring wardrobes
i’m tired of complaining anyway
tired of whining about demagogues and the fall of america
about rivers of shit filling up basements
and flowers blooming without a leaf on a tree
it’s better to see art and eat delicious indian food with you
than go back and forth over what i can’t control
worry whether or not
we’ll end up in some internment camp come november
or whether we’ll be able to swim
once those sea levels rise infinite
seems to me the damage has been more than done
and with the way we drink
we might not live that long anyway
better to enjoy it now than squander it
this lovely day in union square
the death stench of democracy in the air
let’s make art
let’s dance
for christ’s sake i hear there’s the promise
of frozen yogurt somewhere on first avenue
and later copious amounts of cheap vodka on the couch
neil young songs and the ghost of david bowie
open windows to let us breathe in
the cool salt air of the estuary
as we watch our favorite tv show
is it too much to enjoy this day?
this saturday upshot ruinous planet sonata
passing all of the beautiful graffiti
the three-thousand homeless bodies lining these streets
saying to them isn’t the weather divine?
instead of dipping into our pockets
for another hard-earned dollar
and handing it over
that funny money honey, hon
that we were saving for a cold and rainy day
should another one ever come.                        

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