Friday, March 18, 2016

poem of the day 03.18.16


sky swirls ashen
there is hail
there is rain
there is a thunderous reckoning coming
and the rumor
of a nor’easter for the beginning of spring
they killed caesar two days ago
and now they are sitting in bars
packed back to back with white pasty faces
decked in green
like colorful klan rallies
their racist, orange-faced demagogue bloviating
on fifty-two inch televisions
next to black men dunking on wide screens
they cheer and it sounds like murder
notre dame hoodies and shamrock tattoos
corned beef breath stinking up
the sidewalk as they sing danny boy
in between drags on stale smokes and metal vapes
their women dress like leprechaun whores
searching for their pot of gold
inside of some sap’s wallet
all their free jameson shots
in thick puddles on pavement
expelled cabbage lunches dancing in the rain
they go back inside
for round five or six or seven
green love beads and hollywood starlet shades
wearing little plastic hats
that look like penis tops
spray tan homicides wearing jeans
that show lacy whale’s tales
they all have the luck of the irish this afternoon
as i pass each tavern
each bar
all looking the same dull celebration
stopping at a red light
i cock a finger and thumb
invoke my second amendment rights
fire hot air at some flesh-stuffed joint
declaring itself a st. patty’s headquarters
then move the hell on.


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