Thursday, March 24, 2016

poem of the day 03.24.16

johnny says

all i need
is for this moustache
to come in
get old enough to grow a beard
it’ll be lit
like maybe this summer
mad chicks all over me, bro
leather jacket and shit
expensive sneakers
maybe a chain
i’m talking mad bitches
like not them ugly ones
sitting over there
but like tits
like an ass, bro
you wait
chicks love moustaches
especially arab chicks
latina chicks
they dig beards too
mine is gonna be mad tight
i’ma trim that shit every day, yo
i got a job too
some ladies clothing store in queens
mad girls come in there
in shorts’n’shit
and you’ll see me
you’ll see me
chick on this arm
chick on that arm, bro
i’m tellin’ you
leather jacket
tight beard
maybe a thin chain
you’ll see, bro
you’ll see
i’ll be up in so many bitches
this summer
i’ll have to grow
a second


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