Tuesday, March 22, 2016

poem of the day 03.22.16

the ballet dancers

stand blocking
the N train door
a pack of four of them
hats backward
their ring leader is some hawk-nosed
smirking little shit
who runs the conversation
he says,
yeah, i could’ve had her, dude
totally could’ve had her
we went out like three times
she literally said to me, you know,
you can take me home if you want
but then she was like
you got a girlfriend don’t you?
so i was like yeah
and that was the end of it
but, yo, check it
i love my girl
i’ve been faithful all year
so what’s that? like three months, dudes
and how about that class today?
i mean what the fuck?
is that like all there is to this? he says,
bending and pointing his legs and feet
as people struggle to get off and on the train around him
and my house, he says
my god
dude, you gotta see my house
my mom’s really
it’s been like rent controlled since way back
in 1996
the place is lit, yo!
big ceilings
big rooms
we only pay like eleven-hundred a month
when everyone else pays like four grand
and there’s like mad rich chicks
that live around there now
so hot, dude, so hot
i should’ve taken that girl back to my mom’s place
you know?
the one who wanted me
chick would’ve been on my dick
if she saw that place
but, like i said, dude
i love my girl
been faithful all year
three months without any other ass
just her
and that fucking class, dude
what the fucking fuck?
until my fucking feet hurt
and i was so done.


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