Monday, March 14, 2016

poem of the day 03.14.16

health nut

you can never really
do anything good for yourself except die
shake off that mortal coil
as the original slick willy wrote
and take a final bow to this calamity
but here i am anyway
freezing in this beast winter
running four miles
after another fruitless morning playing artist
already three S.U.Vs have tried to hit me
and the dogs have jumped at my legs
their barks and snarls echoing
as i trot down another potholed block
i think to myself how crazy this is
the sweat and the labored breathing
the pains in the knees and shoulder
the feeling that any moment
i could have a heart attack and drop
life was much easier on the couch
drinking scotch by the bottle
and thinking fuck it i know it all already
but still there is another hill to climb
another stretch of sun-soaked desolate road
another tank-sized baby stroller to circumnavigate
in the distance
the kid wailing above my ipod music
the mother’s fat ass swaying the length of the sidewalk
in stretchy black pants that do her no justice
and as i do the fast math wondering how i’ll pass this
i trip over a rock
a crack in the pavement, whatever
and go flying feet in the air across the street
like a fat, white lawn dart
landing on both palms and rolling on my left side
to the chuckles of high school kids
dressed like gang members and street walkers alike
crossing the street against the speeding traffic
horns honking they spin and dance
like they’ll live forever
and ever
and then some more.


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