Monday, February 27, 2017



I was awake
I wanted to be asleep
but, I was awake
every shout from the street
was electric
I tossed regrouped
my pillows
and sighed deep.

I was awake
and I wanted to be asleep
the September sun
was unholy warm
I wriggled and wormed
under the static cling

I was awake
and I wanted to be asleep
every curse word
was aimed at the street.
It was on Sunday
an anti-me day
awake and flailing for sleep
waving the sheep in
calling all z’s
I am awake
and wish to be asleep.

The air conditioner
whirled too loud
I adjusted my ear plugs
the useless ear plugs,
what was I left of think.

I was awake
and wanted to be asleep
I flung my middle fingers
it is Sunday
for Christ sake
and the whole block was
alive the entire block
of blockheads couldn’t
yell at each other enough.
What the fuck
you hacks!
I am awake and I want
to be asleep.

            --Matthew Sradeja

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