Tuesday, June 27, 2017


mitch mcconnell feels your pain

or he’d like you to feel more
it’s hard to tell with mitch sometimes

maybe he knows what it’s like
to get pulled out of a wheelchair
and dragged down the hall

feeling gutted like medicaid
defunded like planned parenthood

do you think he bro-slapped paul ryan
after puking up that piece of health legislation?

or did he drop the mic on that eddie munster looking frat boy
and say, how ‘bout them apples, bitch?

or do white dudes on capitol hill just nod and wink
after they’ve sentenced millions of people to death?

seal the deal with a glass of scotch
and a hearty laugh

what i mean to say is…does mitch mcconnell
really feel your pain, america?

or is he just looking for that lost cheez-it
hidden somewhere under that neck of his

making poker plans with his corporate masters
readying that independence day bbq

thinking about his dry cleaning
reveling in his sweet parking spot

all the while waiting patiently
for the rest of us to stumble off

and die

--John Grochalski


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