Saturday, December 30, 2017


flush twice

when the will
of government
outweighs the will of its people

then you know
the fix is in

or maybe it always has been

this country’s goose is cooked and inedible

the republicans have gone too far
the democrats never go far enough
and in between the people are always fucked

the stench in washington d.c.
the stench in the media

they get so bad at times
that all you can do is wretch into the toilet
squirt out diarrhea democracy

get up from the can
wipe your dirty ass clean with all of it

wait for the pain to kick you in the gut again

but if you see one of those
jowly, smiling red white and blue motherfuckers
swirling around in the bowl
with the shit and the piss

be sure to flush them down
flush them all down

flush twice

just to make sure
they’re gone.

--John Grochalski

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