Wednesday, December 27, 2017


Fuck You Donald Trump

you're fired, motherfucker
get the fuck out of the White House
with your treason and your decadent
fascist crusade go back to television
and entertainment and building big
flea-bag Trump Towers and fuck
you Donald Trump for not combing
your hair correctly and continuing
to fucking get away with it you are
a delusional slumlord who needs
to be removed and we can find
peace of mind and a mutual
progressive vision of harmony
and civilized freedom and let
snake oil lizards like you
Donald Trump you fuck, you
fucking piece of dangerous
shit it's time for the
Emperor's New Clothes
fuck you Donald Trump
you're not the president
of the United States,
you have high-jacked
the country and are
pushing it toward
gruesome slaughter
of the poor and
the middle class
so get ready you
fraudulent bully,
we want your
ass out of office
and branded a
National Emergency
as though a WWF
wrestler had
wrangled hold
of the executive
office of the
United States
with the help
of the Russians
fuck you yet again
i hope you go to
prison and become
somebody's bitch.

--Kevin Ridgeway

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