Saturday, December 2, 2017


As The World Turns
(from the point of view of Dick Cheney)

Slant the shade
Dim the blight
Dampen shame
Skim the light
Play the game
Place your blame
It’s best to screw
Your partner right

No need to kiss
Or cuddle coo
Ain’t making love
We gonna screw
Screw the good
Screw the weak
Screw the hood
Screw the meek

No good guy here
No humble geek
I do you ill
You touch my cheek
No turn of head
For second blow
I knee you now
I lay you low
I lay your life
I lay your wife
I lay your dog
I go hole hog

Don’t mess with me
For don’t you see
It’s how I’m made
I don’t work right
This step aside
For weaker scum
It ain’t my stride
I’m different drum
I’m psycho cur
I’m whiskey fun
It don’t occur
I’m making some

I do my do
I deal my deal
You slow my pace 
Ain’t no appeal
No human race
Can help you heal
For once I done
I be done deal
So no more nice
Call me ice
Pick to the heart
The darkest part

--Steven B. Smith

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