Saturday, July 14, 2018


Maybe the World Has Decided to Lose Its Mind

The same company that cloned Dolly the sheep
has successfully cloned a primate.
but they assure us that the process
is still a long way from producing human babies
even if it were ethically permissible.

And you take comfort in the term ethnically permissible
because you do not want to think of
row after row
of small cribs
in a science center somewhere.
You do not want to think what they would do
to those babies, especially if they were brown.

You do not want to think of what they could do
if they didn’t see those babies as babies
didn’t see people as people.
What could happen when corporations get involved.

You close your eyes.

This all feels like too much science fiction
except the police are executing Black people in the streets
and they are locking
kids in cages.

They are selling up our democracy piece by piece
for their own gains,
as they watch us tear each other apart.

So maybe it isn’t too much of a stretch.
Maybe the end times are here.
Maybe the world has decided to lose its mind.

Maybe we are past the point of going high
when they go low.

You are not sure, but you will lock your door at night
and check it again before dawn.
You will try to keep what you love on this side of the door
for just a few more hours.

Outside they are shifting the goalposts yet again.
By morning you will wake in a world you don’t recognize
far from the one
you wish you could remember.

--Ally Malinenko a little self-promotion news, my new poetry collection The Philosopher's Ship

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