Friday, July 13, 2018


the burn

it is hard
to be motivated
to do anything
when it’s 80 degrees
before the sun is up
feeling like a prisoner
in your own home
because of the glare
of the insipid sun
the haze and humidity
95 yesterday
but it felt like 111
when even the whirl
of the air conditioner
is not enough
sitting on the couch half-drunk
half-crazy with the heat
as people are going mad outside
tearing each other apart
over parking spaces and shade
i remember being a kid
when they warned us
about climate change
and holes in the ozone layer
back then i was stupid enough
to think our leaders
would take care of us
because that’s what
they were elected for
but sitting here now
ending one heat wave
and waiting on the next
upset stomach
anxiety pressure
weighing down on my chest
another blazing summer
etched into the annals
of human ignorance and hell
i’ve never been less fooled
by anyone in a cheap suit
whose only master
is greed
and the almighty dollar.
--John Grochalski

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