Tuesday, July 10, 2018


fuck you justice kennedy

knew exactly what you were doing
slinking away like that
retirement my ass
handing the whole ball of wax
over to that racist game show host
that xenophobe
that human piece of garbage with a twitter account
knew exactly what you were doing
a little flattery
a little ass kissing
neil gorsuch to tickle your wrinkled old balls
on the victory lap year
the chance to play a round of golf at mar-a-largo
or trump’s shithole golf course in jersey
and you burned down a legacy
for all of that
not much of a legacy
although i think it’s safe to say now
that you never cared about anything
not about the women you’ve put in peril
not about homosexual people
not about the defenseless
not about your country…except for white men
no, justice kennedy
you stopped caring when it counted most
when the world was on the line
you waited until the last moment to show america
what color you’re really made of
and it ain’t red, white and blue
it’s canary yellow, old man
so enjoy your retirement
sit back and take it easy
while it all burns
wait for your place
to be etched on the walls
of history
in cowardice
in dogshit.

--John Grochalski


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