Friday, July 6, 2018


today is our day

the honkey quasimodo
of brooklyn with his haunch back

holding his cell phone sideways
he lumbers down the street
shouting in his american flag t-shirt

today is our day!
fuck ‘em!
today we eat hot dogs
and watch fireworks!
today is for america!

he’s right…in a way

today is independence day
and two-hundred-and-forty-two-years ago
a rapist slave owner from virginia
did in fact craft a document
declaring american independence
from the british empire

…for some people

but i wouldn’t say today is for all americans

still i wonder who he’s trying
to convince on the other line
with his clichés and platitudes

who does this blanco hombre know
that might be questioning
the legitimacy of this day?

someone that he feels
he has to shout down on a cell phone
on his way for star-spangled cupcakes and the new york post?

people know all kinds of people
even i still know a few republicans

but this guy and his ilk
they don’t seem the type that needs convincing
on this day of days

his hypocrisy is a known fact

it sits under heavily guarded glass in washington d.c.
it’s given parades and sales on mattresses and cars

it gets to set the world on fire
then shrugs its shoulders and declare its innocence

he’s the type who gets to lumber down streets
shouting into his phone
about hot dogs and fireworks

gets to gleefully tell people who don’t look like him
who don’t think like him
to get fucked

this jerk-off gets to spend a lifetime
draped in the american flag
blissfully unscathed by american cruelty

never has to worry about being seen as other

the sad fact of the matter is
today is his day
every day is his day

it’s his universe and his world

and most people just get to live in it
as best they can

without getting buried under
all that freedom.

--John Grochalski



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