Thursday, August 23, 2018


Omarosa, Omarosa

By Suzy Tenenbaum

Worked in hell where she did revel
Now shares secrets of the devil.

Sang his praises and got hired
Upset Kelly, then got fired.

President Clueless didn’t know
Then put on a tweet storm show.

Omarosa, keep on talking
Tell us tales of those you’re stalking.

Put out some tapes I’d like to hear
Whisper in my own sweet ear.

I’d love to hear a new conversation
About the Russian operation.

This dirt you share is satisfying
Another look at who is lying.

Omarosa we can’t trust you
Even if your words are true.

You’ll burn out soon, I’d place a bet
But look away—I can’t just yet.
Bring him down, tell us more
That gets him closer to the door.

Out you both go to the dump

Omarosa and her guide dog trump.


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