Friday, August 3, 2018


(After Ginsberg)

Trumpland is deaf.
Trumpland has sold its soul for gold.
Trumpland only likes dictatorships where dissidents are killed and people don’t have rights.
Trumpland has crapped on Honest Lincoln’s beard.
Trumpland has proven Allen Ginsberg’s point. He said America was dead and he predicted Trumpland.
Lady Liberty in Trumpland’s made of pizza boxes,
and holds aloft a Bible with the love redacted.
In Trumpland only poison flowers thrive.
In Trumpland the pedlar of illusion wins.
Trumpers make speeches on their barstools drunk.
Trumpers can eat more in a single sitting
than you can in a month, and they are proud of that.
Trumpland is the apogee of crude and vulgar.
In Trumpland, apparently, there’s no more room.
Trumpland doesn’t welcome you unless you’re white
with bucket loads of money you will give to Trumpland.
Trumpland only preaches what it doesn’t practice.
Trumpland and America are not the same.
When Trumpland dies, the world will look on laughing,
and America will rise up from the dust, reborn,
with hope among its age-old crimes and vices.

--Bruce Hodder

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