Saturday, August 25, 2018


                                      A Hymn for the Surveillance State

walking into the dollar store
sign on the door says
this location is under video
surveillance for your protection
                     for your safety

I see these signs more often
It’s like they weren’t here
then like magic they are

safety is an illusion
our lives and the world
we live in are reflections
of the universe we live in
and the universe is chaos

we try and make order
from chaos in order
to make sense of our lives
we believe we have control
but the reality is simple
we only have a modicum of control

the reality is simple
this is a police state
this is a surveillance state
fascism and totalitarianism
are in full bloom

we trade freedom
we trade our rights
for the illusion of safety

as humans
we are free
as Americans
we are decidedly not free

--Jason Baldinger

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