Sunday, August 12, 2018


white boy roy

white boy roy is at it again
he doesn’t like all of these trump doomsayers
i mean who’s bombing our cities?
the economy is doing well….so shut up
white boy roy won’t buy into the hysteria
white boy roy is white
so white boy roy is above hysteria
white boy roy thinks you’re hysterical over trump
white boy roy uses coded language
but, still, that means he doesn’t have to consider women
or homosexual people
or people of color
in his opinions
white boy roy is SO beyond identity politics
YOU people lost him the election with that shit
white boy roy wants to speak to the working class again
the WHITE MALE working class
white boy roy wants the rest of you to take a seat
and let us handle it from here
his privilege is as rotten as a dead dog by the side of the road
he doesn’t care about kids in cages
reproduction rights
black people being shot by cops
muslim bans etc.
white boy roy sites articles that entrench his patriarchy
he posts links that have been sculpted to his opinion
when you disagree
you can smell white boy roy’s smugness
from across an ocean
white boy roy calls for social media civility
while he tries to tear you down
white boy roy sticks a russian flag in his mouth and smokes it
he says it’s good to talk to russia
then he sits there sipping on craft beer
waiting on you to respond
white boy roy thinks he’s a contrarian
but he’s got contrarian confused with the word capitulation
if he had hitchen’s ashes in front of him
he’d piss on them
white boy roy still claims that he’s a liberal
but he doesn’t have anyone fooled
white boy roy is NOT your friend
he’s that wolf in sheep’s clothing hiding in the forest
no matter what goes down in america
white boy roy will be fine
to spin his bullshit anew
white boy roy is blood shed on indigenous land
he should take a good hard look in the mirror
next time he speaks
white boy roy
you need to read some history
and shut the fuck up.

--John Grochalski


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