Wednesday, August 8, 2018



only counts
in the conservative mind
when there’s a brushback
against them
otherwise they expect people
on the left
to be docile
to take things as they are
which is what they always are
which is white male patriarchy
even leaders on the left
lose their shit
when their rank and file get rowdy
they plead for calm
they plead for cooler heads
then they sit there
with their hands between their legs
and watch those republican fat cats
take and gut and gut and take
the very core and fabric of this republic
they plead for us to vote for them again
because they want to keep their jobs
in these trying times
it’s easy to want to get in line
take the smart and sensible route
but a part of me
wants this old guard
to get the hell out of the way
stop your bullshit calls for civility
as republican swine move
to hurt women
to hurt gay couples
to hurt the latino community
to continue to stomp on the black community
with the ugly impunity
that is 100% american born and bred
get out of the way
when we chant at those bastards at restaurants
when we chant at them getting into their cars
when we shame them for being vile
and lacking any shred of humanity
get out of the way
because you’re gym buddies with these swine
because you share a congressional restroom
get out of the way
or we’ll shout you motherfuckers down too
let none of you have a single thought
or a decent meal in peace.

--John Grochalski


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