Thursday, February 14, 2019


                                 Let Them Praise Famous Men

hire a pr firm
to spin whatever
you say, until
you don’t even know
what you’re saying

hire a team of lawyers
to exploit every loophole
the law is a living thing
it’s made to be massaged
finessed, interpreted
in all sorts of twisted ways

find a few congresspersons
maybe a senator or two
it can never hurt to have a friend
a paid schill in your pocket
if you can’t afford one
find a corporation
to back you and learn
to say what they say
success is saying things
the way people want to hear them

find a pundit, a talking head
perhaps a newspaper or network
any part or member of the media
who will hold the line
unquestioning, who never thinks
outside the box you place them in
let them be your organ
let them praise famous men

now go ahead and lie
go big, the bigger the lie
the easier it is for anyone
hearing it to believe

--Jason Baldinger

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