Tuesday, February 19, 2019


From The Sublime....

Watching on T.V.
Safely in England
It seems like the U.S.A.
The land of the free and
The home of the brave.
Has gone completely
Insane. Hundreds of
Thousands of people
Working for the U.S.
Government are not
Getting paid, despite the
Fact that they are doing
Their jobs. The pantomime
Villain of a president is
Holding the country to
Ransom, because he
Wants to build a wall.
I don't know if he has
Read any history books, 
But we had a wall in
Europe, about 30 years
Ago. That really didn't
Help matters either. It
Worries me, what is
Going to happen. To us
Outsiders, to go from
Barack Obama to Donald
Fucking Trump, talk about
Going from the sublime
To the ridiculous. The
U.S.A. would be the
Laughing stock of the
World, if it wasn't so
Buttock- clenchingly

--Ian Copestick

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