Monday, February 25, 2019


Censorship Stupidity

I have just tried to view a website
To see one of my poems
But I'm told that I can't, unless
I can verify my age with a credit card
I do not own a credit card, so I
Cannot see a poem, that I fucking wrote
Because I can't prove that I am
Over 18, the only alternative is
To send a copy of my driver's
License, well guess what ?
I don't own a fucking driving
License, either !
What kind of pathetic bullshit
Is this ?
I only want to read a poem that
I wrote myself. I am not asking
To see porn, or instructions on
How to make a bomb.
Just words, that's all.
But words can be the most
Dangerous  things to the
Status quo, if they're used

--Ian Copestick 

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