Sunday, February 10, 2019


It's Shameful

Christ, it's shameful when
You have to go into a shop
With a pocket full of 2p and
1p pieces. The queue builds
Up, angrily behind you as
The poor shop worker counts
Out your huge pile of shrapnel.
When finally she's finished, you
Walk out of there with your
Tin of beans and loaf of
Bread. Total cost £1:32, but
When all you get is £73:10 per
Week, and that's to feed, clothe
You, keep you warm, keep you
In electric plus pay for hot
Water to keep you clean and
Clean shaven and of course
Soap, shampoo, shaving foam,
Toilet paper, all of that.
You realise that they're taking
The piss. I think that all of the
Big, fat fuckers in the Houses
Of Commons and Lords should
Be forced to try to survive on
£73:10 per week before they
Rule that it's sufficient to
Live on.
As I say it's shameful.

--Ian Copestick

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