Friday, February 1, 2019


The Times They Are A-

It's nearly the 2020's, and
Things are getting weird.
In a year or two, Britain
Will no longer be part of
Europe, and the U.S.A
Will have a wall around it.
In  Canada and parts of
The U.S.A. they're legalising
Weed. Yes, the world is
Getting stranger and
Stranger. It's like, who knows
What will happen next ?
Not me, I don't have a clue.
My mind was blown when
Donald Trump became
President, who will be next ?
Mr Burns?  And Smithers as
His loyal V.P. ? They'd
Probably do a better job.
They couldn't do much worse.
And, as for the U.K., the Land
Of Hope and Glory ?
No one knows, and.not many
More care. It's nearly the
2020's and things are
Fucking weird.

--Ian Copestick

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