Saturday, April 13, 2019


“In the time of the Yellow Emperor, the eldest female child would cut off parts of her body and feed her parents small pieces of her flesh until they were cured.” – Joseph Zaccardi in A Wolf Stands Alone in Water

It’s insidious, training women
to embrace martyrdom,
perpetuate tradition,
maim their daughters with love.

Culture, religion serve
as potent enforcers,
indoctrination of unworthiness,
sacrifice for greater good.

Ceremonies distract and delude.
Each girl, the guest of honor,
a foot binder present at her feast
just before breaking bones.

Brain-washed, we practice
sanctioned, aspirational mutilation,
meekly feed instigating abusers
pieces of our own flesh.

Firstborn females are expected
to surrender family, abandon careers,
nurse the sick,
provide elder care.

Insatiable and ungrateful,
enabling society demands it,
consumes generation after generation,
eats our hearts last.

--Jennifer Lagier

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