Friday, April 5, 2019


Title X

The New York Times is the newspaper for me.
That is what they tell me.
As a feminist woman, this is where I can see myself represented.

And they are not wrong.
They publish Roxane Gay, and Lindy West and Michelle Goldberg.
They talk about toxic masculinity and the patriarchy in the editorial pages.

The New York Times is the newspaper for me.

So when the war against Planned Parenthood is launched
by this administration,
it is in the pages of the New York Times that I can read coverage.

Fair, equal, coverage.
Because as they tell me:

The Truth is Now More Important Than Ever

So as I read about the defunding of Title X
a federal funded family planning program that serves four million low income women
defunded because
they also provide abortions.
The whole thing a move to end Planned Parenthood.

I try not to notice that this article is buried deep within the pages
of this paper,
far deeper than
the one on the front page about Jeffery Epstein’s and his connection to the Trump family
as well as his affinity for young girls
or billionaire Robert Kraft, Trump’s friend and donor, caught up in a sex-trafficking scandal,

And I think to myself,
yes, the truth is more important than ever
and the truth is
stories about women’s destruction, humiliation, assault and degradation
will always be more important
than stories about women’s health and survival.

--Ally Malinenko


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