Saturday, April 20, 2019


Hoping for an Alligator Coat

I’m gonna drain the swamp!
Help us with those emails, Vlad.
Doing nothing, stomp, stomp, stomp.
Puking out lies is so very sad.

I’m gonna drain that primordial ooze
Committing a felony to hide sex with a Playboy Bunny
Drunk on power not booze
The system is rigged! Bigly funny.

Rapist and murderers, I see them not.
But the gators seem to have gotten bigger
With that DC lot.
Who would have thought that, go figure.

The people hired a hunter to clean them out
He had to be strong he had to be stout.
To catch the big ones you have to have bait
Like every thing else, you have to pay the freight.

It’s a witch hunt no collusion!
The little fish have been reeled in, pay attention.
Papadopoulos, Pinedo, and van der Zwaan all losing.
Off to the pokey, off to their stanchion.

The smaller gators are falling like wheat before the scythe.
Gates, Kilimnik and Michael Flynn, too.
Mueller made a wallet from their mangy hides
Look out Manafort, the Marine wears a big shoe.

There are so many gators in that swamp
Like Wilbur, Alex Acosta, and De Vos
Poor old Zinke, busted on his Puerto Rican romp.
Guess we know who’s not the boss.

From old Paul’s hide he has made shoes and a belt.
Bone Spurs’ will make a nice coat.
Look out Donnie, he’s coming for your pelt.
I’m patiently waiting for him to sink your boat.

by John Clayton. 03/15/2019

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