Saturday, April 6, 2019


Officially The Worst

Well, it's just been on the news on T.V.
That the Prime Minister is handing out
Money to the poorest places in the country
As a bribe to try to get M.P.'s to back
Her on the Brexit vote. Top of the list
Officially the poorest, most deprived
Depressing part of the U.K. is, my hometown
Stoke on Trent. Well I know that the
Place is poor, and that there are no jobs
But I thought maybe the inner Cities of London,  Glasgow
Or Manchester even were worse off
Than us. It makes me feel a perverse
Pride, or at least like saying  " " " See !
I told you it was bad ! " To all of the fools
That just wouldn't listen.
But there's nothing to be proud of in
Being the people that have been
Treated  the worst and been laughed at
The most by the heartless badtards
That run this country. I just hope that
It helps to wake people up.

--Ian Copestick

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