Tuesday, November 26, 2019


the whistleblower
is not the witness
the whistleblower
opened a can of stink
the can of stink
is the witness
kick the can of stink
spill the stink
on all the clean clothes
of all the guilty criminals
especially all over tRump
the criminal who is
trying to cover the lid
of the can of stink
who will deny until
his dying day as he
has always done

the witnesses are
all who sealed the can
and those who saw the stink
before the criminals
sealed the can of stink

leave the whistleblower alone
the whistleblower is the hero
who risked their life
who is in danger from
the criminals with
the stink on their hands
and in danger from
all the fooled who love
the criminal in the
White House

--Thomas R. Thomas

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