Tuesday, November 12, 2019


bolshevik am i

the stupidity of humanity
is always around us

permeating rooms
like farts in a car

and valerie says to me,
did you vote?

when i tell her no
she recoils as if i were the devil
and says,

if you don’t vote
then the socialists will come
and take our money

like boogeymen in the night
like a crooked chris cringle

i tell valerie
well, i like the socialists

which may be true
which may not be true

but she recoils again
and sighs deep

her joe mccarthy breath
as stale as mothballs

and stumbles away
to suckle the president’s
russian agent balls

while i stroke my goatee
in the warped image of the computer screen

feeling only so much
like leon trostky

with frida kahlo’s genius pussy
on his mind.                                                    

--John Grochalski

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